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PCR Consumables


UltraFlux logo 2016PCR Tubes

  • A wide selection for any experimental need
  • Uniform ultra-thin walls for maximum yield

PCR Strips

  • optically clear caps
  • Innovative angular cap attachment

PCR Plates

  • Easy to read alphanumeric grids
  • Comprehensive thermal cycler compatibility

PCR Sealing Film

  • Multiple sealing options
  • Economical and easy to use

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SnapStrip® & UltraFlux® PCR Tubes

  • Angularly attached caps on the UltraFlux® i and SnapStrip® strip tubes prevent cap lids and hinges from interfering with each other, allowing for easier operation in an SBS format rack.

Ultra Thin Walls

  • Ultra thin walls ensure efficient thermal transfer and maximum yield, yet are strong enough to prevent crushing. SSI wall thickness is 0.25mm, similar to most brands.

Tube Color and Clarity

  • Clear tubes provide high clarity for visualizing contents.
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PCR Consumables for Molecular Diagnostic Kits

  • High-contrast black alphanumeric indexing.
  • Raised rims ensure optimal sealing to prevent evaporation.
  • Ultra-clear wells for easy sample visualization.
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PCR Tubes, Strips & Caps

  • Ultra thin-wall PCR tubes in strips of 8 and 12.
  • Manufactured with virgin, medical grade polypropylene - no background signal during real time PCR .
  • Standard and Low Profile wells.
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UltraFlux® PCR Plates

  • Comprehensive thermal cycler compatibility.
  • Ultra-thin walls produce efficient thermal transfers during amplifications.
  • High contrast printed letters and numerals for rapid sample identification.
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UltraFlux® Sealing Films

  • Highest level of clarity ideally suited for optical analysis during Real Time PCR.

UltraFlux® Standard

  • Perfect choice for everyday classic PCR work.

UltraFlux® Foil

  • Very soft and malleable – easily takes on the shape of whatever plate it is applied to.

UltraFlux® Sealing Mat

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