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UltraFlux® PCR Sealing Films


UltraFlux® RT (Real-Time) Pressure Released Film

  • Highest level of clarity ideally suited for optical analysis during Real Time PCR.
  • Non-tacky adhesion – only sticks when pressed against the plate surface due to the micro encapsulated beads of silicone. This film leaves no messy residue that can potentially interfere with optical analysis and makes handling of the film much easier prior to seal. 

UltraFlux® Standard

  • Perfect choice for everyday classic PCR work. 

UltraFlux® Foil

  • Very soft and malleable – easily takes on the shape of whatever plate it is applied to.
Product # Seal Type Material Dimensions Packaging  
3622-00 UltraFlux® Standard clear polypropylene film, acrylic adhesive total length of 5.562” (with tabs) total width of 3.13” workable length of 5.06” 100 per unit
3640-00 UltraFlux® Foil pierceable aluminum total length of 5.562” (with tabs) total width of 3.25” workable length of 5.00” 100 per unit
3651-00 UltraFlux® RT (Real-Time) Pressure Released clear polyolefin film, silicone adhesive total length of 5.250” (with tabs) total width of 3.00” workable length of 4.63” 100 per unit