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CryoFreeze® Cryogenic Storage Racks - 5160-0G


  • Certified free of RNase, DNase, DNA, and PCR inhibitors, also endotoxin-free

CryoFreeze® Polycarbonate Storage Racks:

5700-1X, 5720-1X, 5730-1X, 5750-1X

  • Tough and durable polycarbonate racks.
  • Polycarbonate construction ensures that the racks are safe to use at ultra low temperatures: suitable for immersion in LN2.
  • Operating temperature: -196C min to +121C max.
  • Drains and vents prevent pressure build-up.
  • Bright and attractive colors.
  • 25, 81 and 100 place.
  • Crystal clear lid.
  • Printed, easy to read numeric indexing.

CryoFreeze® GripRack - 5160-0G

  • Unique, ruggedly designed 40 place rack.
  • Ribs hold stargrip base tubes in position for easy, one-handed opening/closing of tubes.
  • Unique, contrasting color rubber non-slip grips keep the rack secure on the bench or in your hand.
  • High contrast alphanumeric indexing for fast sample tube location identification.
Description Format Dimensions Max Tube Dimensions Color Packaging
40 place CryoFreeze® GripRack 4 rows x 10 columns - - white/gray 1 per unit, 20 per case