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Specialty Tips


  • Large Orifice (Wide Bore) Tips
  • Macro 5 and 10 mL Tips
  • Robotic Tips for Biomek


Large Orifice (Wide Bore) Tips

  • Larger opening prevents cell fragmentation due to shearing.
  • Ideal for pipetting of macromolecules and viscous samples.
  • Inside diameter at tip end is 0.06 inch (1.6 mm).
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Macro Volume Tips

  • Improved accuracy over serological pipettes.
  • Tip length facilitates access into bottles, cell culture flasks, and tubes.
  • Universal fit for compatibility with most major pipettor brands.
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Robotic Tips

  • Contamination free.
  • Lot number certification.
  • Lot numbers printed on racks.

EcoPac® Tip Refill & Reload For FX

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