Vertex® Pipette Tips were meticulously designed using a proprietary resin that provides researchers with exceptional liquid handling performance.  Even our standard tip range outperforms competitive tips in the areas of release and retention. Plus, thinner walls and finely tapered ends prevent the need to touch-off when pipetting the last drop.

Vertex NoStick® Pipette Tips provide the highest level of liquid handling control and performance, through innovative resin chemistry and injection molding expertise.

  • Experience full liquid release—saving precious sample.
  • Eject the sample cleanly and completely—no more waiting for the final drop to fall from the tip.
  • Dispense even viscous samples more easily and completely.

The performance of Vertex Pipette Tips is only the beginning.

Vertex racks are full of ergonomic innovations that make daily use effortless.EcoPac leaf

The innovative Vertex EcoPac® Refill Systems provide tremendous value while also saving precious lab time and space—and greatly reducing waste!

  •     Less fluid retention
  •     Less sample loss
  •     Less time spent
  •     Less plastic wasted
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With Vertex Pipette Tips, Less Is More!