Dear Valued Business Partner,

This is a very stressful and scary time in the history of our world. Just a few months ago we were hearing of a coronavirus that was attacking China. Now this threat has grown into a pandemic killing thousands of people. This notice will provide some background and information as to how SSI is handling this horrible situation.

As you know, SSI manufactures products for Biomedical Research, but you may not realize that the products we make are essential for COVID-19 testing. In fact, SSI is the largest entirely USA based manufacturer of these products in the country and we are thrilled to supply our products to our partners both domestically and throughout the world.

We have worked hard to establish and maintain a dependable and US based supply chain with our vendor partners so we are quite sure SSI will not run short of materials during this crisis. However, our most valuable asset is our staff. We cannot make anything without the work and support of our team. During this crisis, will they be able to create the products you need?

The Governor of California enacted a state wide “Stay at Home” order. The purpose of this order is to try and slow the spread of the virus so that the number of severely ill people will not overrun our medical capacity. I support this order as it is a needed step to try and get through this mess with the least loss of life possible.

This order directs all people to effectively not leave home with few exceptions. One of the first exceptions is for workers supporting healthcare. This is logical as if the healthcare sector has shortages or issues the situation will get far worse. As a manufacturer of plastics used for COVID-19 testing, SSI is exempt from needing to stop operations. In fact, what we make is really quite critical to the battle against this virus. For this reason, during this battle with COVID-19 our intent is to continue to run our operation to fullest capacity possible.

Prayerfully, this crisis will pass quickly with a minimal loss of life and further destruction of our economy. In the meantime, be aware that the entire SSI team is doing everything possible to supply your needs.

If you have questions or concerns please contact Randy Scott or myself.


Kenneth R. Hovatter, President