Citadel™ Sealing Options for Deep Well Plates

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Deep Well Plate Sealing

  • Citadel XR Foil is suitable for long term storage in extreme conditions and resistant to DMSO and other solvents.
  • Silicone sealing mats are reusable and pierceable.
  • Temperature range for foil or mats: -80° to +120°C.
  • Pierceable silicone mats, suitable for heat sealing.
  • Citadel-XR Foil for long-term storage in EXTREME conditions.

Silicone sealing mats are reusable and pierceable.

Citadel XR Foil is ideal for long-term deep-well plate storage in extreme conditoins and is resistant to DMSO and other solvents

Deep Well Plate Sealing Mat. High-contrast, black alphanumeric indexing on the top and left side. Indented slots to seal each well

Deep Well Plate Sealing Foil over a Deep Well Plate. Pressed and sealed over the raised slots of each well

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