Citadel™ 1.2 mL Dilution Tubes & Rack Systems

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Citadel Cluster Dilution Tube Rack Systems Product Directory
Dilution Tube Rack Systems

Ideal for storage, dilution, mixing, harvesting, culture assays, and screening.

  • 1.2 mL microtiter tubes for automation and high-throughput screening.
  • Applications include: Sample collection, storage & testing; serial dilution, assays.
  • Individual tubes, strips of 8 tubes and strips of 12 tubes.
  • Tubes and racks are made from virgin polypropylene; strip caps are polyethylene.

Tube & Rack System includes deep-well rack with removable wells (individual 1.2mL tubes or strips). 

  • Suitable as a reaction vessel in your robotic workstation or as a long-term storage vessel in your sample library.
  • SBS footprint in 8 × 12 format
  • A clear lid is included.

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