SSIbio® Freezer Tube Racks

SSIbio Specialty Racks Product Directory
SSIbio Specialty Racks
SSIbio Freezer Racks Product Directory
Freezer Racks

  • Versatile storage from freezer to bench.
  • Stores tubes up to 2.0 mL.
  • Suitable for temperatures as low as -90°C.
  • Rugged polypropylene.
  • High-contrast alphanumeric indexing.
  • Hinged lid on 50- & 100-Place. Lift-off lid on 81-Place.


81-Place Rack with Lift-Off Lid, 9 x 9 Format

Freezer Box with Lift-Off Lid, (no wells or slots)

49-Well Rack with Lift-Off Lid and Drain Holes

81-Well Rack with Lift-Off Lid and Drain Holes

81-Well Zylar® Rack with Lift-Off Lid, for Temperature Down to -196°C

50-Place Rack with Hinged Lid, 5 x 10 Format

100-Place Rack with Hinged Lid, 10 x 10 Format

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