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Filtered Cleanroom EcoPac Reload System

Vertex Filtered Pipette Tips offer an extra level of protection, confidence, and control by providing a barrier between the nose cone of the pipettor and the sample.

Advantages of the Vertex Filter Membrane:

  • Manufactured from high-density, inert polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Contains no additives that can contaminate samples if encountered.
  • Provides a barrier against contamination, but will not impede airflow.
  • Hydrophobic properties prevent absorption of samples.

The Vertex EcoPac Refill System provides handy lift and load simplicity. This system does not require any tools or special instructions to move from an empty insert to a fresh set of 96 tips.

  • Constructed of clean and durable PET Plastic packaging.
  • Vertex EcoPacs not only save precious time in the lab, but also save on storage space, and plastic. The EcoPac® Refill system will provide over a 70% savings in total materials (including products and packaging).
  • EcoPac inserts are produced in volume-specific colors, making them easy to identify and to replace.
  • Tabs on the ends of reload grids are manufactured to the identical height of the box, so as to not interfere with multichannel pipettors.
  • Vertex™ inserts are imprinted with tip size and lot number data that are visible even when seated inside the rack.

The Vertex rack was uniquely designed to be a time saver as it allows for one-hand operation. It offers both ease of use as well as sample security. A simple press on the front of the lid releases it from the rack; otherwise the lid sits securely closed.

  • The footprint of the rack is friendly for both automation and stacking purposes
  • Our inserts are produced in volume-specific colors, making them easy to identify and to replace.
  • Vertex EcoPac® racks are made robust and designed to withstand multiple autoclave cycles.
  • The Vertex rack elevates the tips relative to the base in order to facilitate offset pipetting. The edge of the rack and insert are out of the way so users can easily load four tips onto a multichannel pipette.
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