Vertex® NoStick® Low-Retention Pipette Tips

Vertex Pipette Tips Product Directory
Pipette Tips Product Directory  
Vertex NoStick Low-Retention Racked Non-Filtered Pipette Tips Product Directory
Low-Retention Racked Non-Filtered Tips 
Vertex NoStick Low-Retention Racked Filtered Pipette Tips Product Directory
Low-Retention Racked Filtered Tips 
Vertex NoStick Low-Retention Bulk Non-Filtered Pipette Tips Product Directory
Low-Retention Bulk Non-Filtered Tips
Vertex NoStick Low-Retention Bulk Filtered Pipette Tips Product Directory
Low-Retention Bulk Filtered Tips

Racked Non-Filtered Low-Retention Tips

Racked Filtered Low-Retention Tips

Bulk Non-Filtered Low-Retention Tips

Bulk Filtered Low-Retention Tips

  • High-clarity polypropylene meets FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 & USP Class VI.
  • Proprietary NoStick resin technology facilitates clean release.
  • Filtered tips have a hydrophobic HDPE barrier that won’t contaminate or impede airflow.
  • EcoPac Reload Systems provide a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to storing racked product.
  • Certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors, and tested pyrogen-free. Sterile product is certified pyrogen-free.

Clean Liquid Release

Vertex tips deliver a much cleaner liquid release, dispensing all of the sample and improving pipetting accuracy. Users will maintain complete liquid control, even when working with smaller volumes, while not compromising the accuracy and precision of their pipetting.

Low Retention

All Vertex tips are designed to be naturally low-binding, but tips with NoStick® resin are considerably more hydrophobic than standard tips, enabling even viscous uids to be dispensed more completely. The NoStick symbol indicates products that are made with proprietary resin technology to facilitate exceptionally clean release.


Vertex EcoPac Refill Systems 

Available in Paper or Plastic.

EcoPac Benchtop — Paper

The EcoPac Benchtop Refill System is housed in paperboard packaging that may be preferred by some institutional recycling programs. Inside, you will find tip refills of the highest Vertex quality and low-retention technology.

EcoPac Cleanroom — PET

The EcoPac Cleanroom Refill System is housed in clean and durable plastic (PET) packaging to protect the tips from damage and eliminate particulate matter.

Enlarge Vertex Pipette Tip Rack Infographic
Enlarge Vertex Rack Infographic


Enlarge Vertex 200 µL Pipette Tip Infographic
Enlarge Pipette Tip Infographic

Racked Non-Filtered Low-Retention Tips

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Racked Filtered Low-Retention Tips

[Product_Table id=’5910′ name=’LowRetention Racked Filtered Tips’]

Bulk Non-Filtered Low-Retention Tips

[Product_Table id=’5905′ name=’LowRetention Bulk NonFiltered Tips’]

Bulk Filtered Low-Retention Tips

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