CryoFreeze® Cryogenic GripRack Tube Rack

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CryoFreeze GripRack
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CryoFreeze® GripRack™

  • High-contrast alphanumeric indexing for fast sample identification.
  • Ribs inside the wells enable tubes with Stargrip® bases to be easily opened or closed with one hand.
  • Rubber no-slip grips on the base hold the rack securely on the benchtop.

CryoFreeze® Polycarbonate Storage Racks

  • Tough, durable polycarbonate construction.
  • Drains and vents prevent pressure build-up.
  • Crystal-clear lid for sample visibility.
  • Bright, attractive assorted colors.
  • High-contrast alphanumeric indexing.
  • Max tube dimensions:
    • 5700-19, 5720-19, and 5750-19: 12 x 49 mm.
    • 5730-19: 12 x 90 mm.
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Download CryoFreeze Cryogenic Brochure
Download CryoFreeze Cryogenic Brochure

40-Place CryoFreeze GripRack

CryoFreeze Storage Racks

25-Place Rack, Assorted Colors (1.0/1.8 mL Tubes)

81-Place Rack, Assorted Colors (1.0/1.8 mL Tubes)

81-Place Deep Rack, Assorted Colors (4.5 mL Tubes)

100-Place Rack, Assorted Colors (1.0/1.8 mL Tubes)

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