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Introducing DuraFrame™ PCR Plates:

The Premium Choice for Quality and Value


At the heart of DuraFrame lies unparalleled durability, engineered to withstand the rigors of modern laboratories. Our plates feature a rugged polycarbonate frame, providing a solid and flat surface that guarantees seamless interaction with automated liquid handling platforms. With a firm grip assured, robots can confidently place DuraFrame PCR Plates with utmost precision, eliminating any concerns of misalignment.


Not stopping at durability alone, we have designed DuraFrame with polypropylene wells that ensure optimal thermal transfer and higher reaction efficiency. This translates to more accurate and reliable results, giving researchers the confidence they need in their experiments. Furthermore, our white well options have been meticulously crafted to enhance the fluorescence signal during qPCR, enabling clearer and more precise measurements.


Sealing PCR plates is a crucial aspect of laboratory workflows, and DuraFrame excels in this domain as well. The slightly raised wells of DuraFrame PCR Plates guarantee an evaporation-proof seal with film, foil, or strip caps. No more worries about sample integrity or loss due to evaporation—DuraFrame ensures your valuable samples are protected throughout the entire process.


With an ANSI/SBS footprint and well spacing, DuraFrame PCR Plates seamlessly integrate into existing laboratory setups, offering compatibility and ease of use. Moreover, our vibrant color options provide a visual distinction between different samples or experiments, allowing for quick and efficient identification and organization.

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