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For 30 years, SSIbio Life Science Laboratory Consumables have committed to high-quality plasticware. Because of this, laboratories around the world have come to rely on our plastic consumables for everyday research as well as ground-breaking discoveries.

Scientific Specialties is a leading innovator in Life Science Laboratory Consumables, offering Pipette Tips; PCR; Screw Cap, Centrifuge, and Cryogenic Tubes; HTS; and Tubes Racks.

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SSIbio Laboratory Product Families

UltraFlux® PCR Consumables are a laboratory staple around the world. Beginning with a patent for the design of SnapStrip® tubes with angularly attached caps, the UltraFlux line has been continuously innovated and improved over the past three decades to provide reliable results and tremendous value.

Vertex® Pipette Tips are developed with extensive research to provide users with a high degree of fluid confidence and control while pipetting.

Pirouet™ Centrifuge Tubes are the trusted choice in laboratories all around the world, for applications ranging from 0.5 mL to 50 mL. It all begins with a proprietary, ultra-pure resin that ensures optimal clarity, purity, and strength. Research and innovation are instilled into these tubes. The result is a product that performs to expectation and provides tremendous value.

SureSeal© Screw MicroTubes & Caps offer a clean, safe environment for your important samples. These versatile and durable tubes are designed for use in multiple laboratory environments.

CryoFreeze© Cryogenic Tubes and Racks are ideal for extreme storage conditions as low as -196˚C.

Citadel™ Deep-Well Plates and Cluster Tube Systems are ideal for high-throughput screening processes and long-term storage. It starts with high-clarity, ultra-pure polypropylene, combined with proprietary injection molding techniques to produce high-clarity vessels that are exceptionally robust, chemically-resistant, and pure.

Flipper© Racks are a mainstay of laboratories around the world. The innovative design of Flipper Racks provides researchers with greater flexibility on the bench without managing multiple racks. From the basic 4-Way Flipper rack design to the Sliplock™ and Revolver™, researchers are sure to find the ideal Flipper Rack for their lab.

IsoFreeze© Color-Changing Racks maintain a sample temperature of less than 4ºC for almost 4 hours (with lid on the rack) when used at room temperature. The color change material enables you to see how cold your samples are at a glance.

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