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Light-Ejection Force LTS®-Style Pipette Tips

Experience pipetting excellence with Vertex®LE — the perfect drop-in replacement for your Rainin® LiteTouch® pipettors.

Vertex®LE tips feature ultralow ejection force for comfortable, ergonomic pipetting, while delivering superior accuracy and precision for reliable and consistent results.

Vertex®LE LTS Tips are made with NoStick® resin technology, making them considerably more hydrophobic than competitive tips, enabling even viscous liquids to be dispensed more completely.

  • Compatible with Rainin® single- and multi-channel LiteTouch® pipettors.
  • Light force required to add or eject tips.
  • Tips are made from medical-grade virgin polypropylene.
  • Proprietary NoStick® resin technology facilitates clean release.
  • Rack bases and grids are made from our exclusive EcoResin 99% post-consumer recycled polypropylene--a reduction of up to 61% in the use of virgin polypropylene per rack of tips.

We are proud to manufacture Vertex®LE in the USA and are committed to sustainability, using EcoResin—our exclusive post-consumer resin—in the rack grids and bases, and 100% virgin polypropylene in the tips and lids for optimum clarity and purity.


Rainin, LiteTouch and LTS are registered trademarks of Mettler-Toledo Rainin, LLC.

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