At SSI, we view Sustainability as a journey, rather than a project having a start and a finish line. Apart from maintaining compliance to California’s legal requirements, we also address sustainability topics because they are good for our business and, in general, the right things to do. We are committed to the Ecovadis platform, providing a common language from which to evaluate our performance, creating and working toward new initiatives.

We approach Sustainability through the Three Pillars: Planet, People, and Performance.

PLANET — Our environmentally-friendly materials:

  • Phase out of PFAS.
  • Increased use of 100% recycled packaging.
  • Incorporate post-consumer resin when possible, such as with our EcoResin® used in Vertex®LE Pipette Tip grids and racks.
  • Conversion of 100% of our white shipper boxes to kraft corrugated materials.
  • Implementation of purposeful products, such as our Pipette Tip EcoPac® Reloads, which use up to 70% less plastic. 


PEOPLE — Our single greatest asset:

  • Follow fair labor practices, providing a safe working environment, and continuous training.
  • Improving our culture through increased communication and collaboration, including more employees into our strategic discussions. By doing this, we enhance employee ownership in projects, resulting in a better work environment.
  • For decades, we have vigorously given back to the local community, charities, and 501C-3’s.

PERFORMANCE — Our commitment to our customers:

  • Working toward ISO14001, environmental management systems certification.
  • Identify ways be more efficient in our production, maintaining quality of performance and product. 
  • Using sustainable materials and packaging. 
  • Monitor energy management systems whereby we are deliberate in the energy reduction.